Monthly Archives: February 2012

Well, THAT’s disappointing…

So I wrote this rather long (for me) post the day before yesterday. I returned yesterday to… well, to do the opposite of finding it. I assume I must have thought I submitted it, but in fact failed to do so.
I won’t attempt to re-create it, as the moment has passed. In summary, blah blah personal info blah I feel “less-than” blah blah sudden realization blah.
There. Now you’re caught up, and without the tedium of reading my stream-of-consciousness.


Catching up with the times?

I’m kind of excited… in the geekiest possible way. Posting with my new Android phone. Surprisingly acceptable—fun, even. It’s my first smartphone (well, the first one that’s deserving of the name): an LG Optimus V, and I’m really pleased with it (especially after applying a suggested fix to extend the battery life).