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I love this.

The Horse You Rode In On




No, not exactly the kind you may be thinking about, if you’ve lived your life mostly in my neck of the woods. But these Curried Pea Hand-Pies sound absolutely delicious. The Bear says he wants me to make Indian food for his birthday. I think I can sneak this in, considering the spice palette.

Wait—spice palette? Who cares? These sound amazing, and must be tried as soon as possible.

I’ll let you know. Possibly with my mouth full. Excuse me in advance.



So, I’m here. I had forgotten that I had even started a WordPress blog until I tried to create a Gravatar. Go me.

Once I logged in, I discovered I no longer had interest in the blog name, so began another, with a some ideas that may (hopefully) be of more interest—both to me and to any readers that stumble onto this blog.

Anyway, this is a placeholder for something else that someone, someday, somehow, might find remotely interesting. Wish me luck.